ElectroTechnics Test & Tag offers competitive pricing for a premium electrical appliance testing service including:

  • Onsite visit
  • All inspections, testing and tagging
  • Detailed reporting
  • Free reminder service

See our test and tag procedure for more details.

For a customised quote, please call us on 0410 230 501 or submit a request through our contact form.

(*) A location-based call out fee can be charged for some areas such as Sydney CBD, North Sydney and some remote areas. Pricelist is per test/tag and is for standard 10A and 15A 240V leads, tools and appliances. Different pricing for 3Phase equipment testing and tagging. Please call 02 4294 9834 for more information and a detailed quote.

The costs and dangers of in-house testing and tagging

For a host of reasons, DIY is not the answer for electrical appliance testing. First off, there are the initial costs of purchasing specialised testing equipment, then training and certifying the user to meet AS/NZS 3760 standards.

Then, you need to factor in the time taken away from regular duties to conduct the test and tagging.

And, it’s not just testing and tagging that’s required, but also the development of a comprehensive inspection program as well as scheduled reminders and, importantly, detailed reporting.

Keep in mind that inexperienced test taggers can be hazardous to equipment and employees when faults are overlooked. There’s a unique danger of this happening in the in-house tester’s workplace when noticeable faults have been worked around over a period of time.

Finally, even quality testing equipment requires regular calibration, at least annually, adding more to the costs. Calibrating PAT testers costs around $200 per testing unit, per year.

So, for the sake of your employees’ safety, your equipment’s longevity and the avoidance of several upfront and ongoing in-house test and tag costs, outsource your tagging and testing to ElectroTechnics. Ensure workplace peace of mind at a competitive price and get in touch.