Test and tag procedure

How do we work and what to expect from us?

1. The appointment

One or two weeks before the due date we give you a call to confirm a time and date for the onsite testing and tagging to ensure electrical workplace safety. Then, we show up on time! If you haven’t worked with us before, contact one of our friendly staff members to answer all of your questions and book your first appointment.

2. Testing and tagging

We check, test and tag every piece of electrical plug-in equipment according to the AS/NZS 3760. (This is the Australian standard that oversees the Test and Tag industry in regards to the electrical safety of portable appliances.) The first step, the visual inspection, is the most important. This is when most fails are detected.

Thorough visual inspection

  • Did you know that more than 90% of the fails are detected while executing the visual inspection?
    Burned or cracked plugs or sockets, damaged leads, or broken protection covers are just a few examples.
    Tip: Do NOT patch a damaged lead with electrical tape. Instead, have the cord replaced.
  • We also check if the product is listed as a recall on the Product Safety Australia website. Examples of recalls are the Heller fan sold at Bunnings Warehouse and the major power adapter recall from Apple.

Perform Tests with a Metrel MI3309 (Portable Appliance Tester)

These tests include:

  • earth continuity test
  • insulation test
  • polarity test, and, if applicable,
  • an earth leakage test

Based on the results saved on the Portable Appliance Tester, we print the appropriate tag and attach it to the device’s lead. On construction sites, we use custom-made heavy-duty tags with laminated covers. This ensures that the information on the tag is well protected.

Each new customer receives several ‘New to Service’ tags to attach when new equipment is used for the first time. Please note, those tags cannot be used on second-hand equipment or devices returning from repair.

In the event of equipment failure:

  • Depending on the type of fail, we can perform a plug and/or cable repair.
  • Alternatively, we provide a recommendation on how to rectify the failure including a re-test after rectification, if applicable.

3. Reporting

Within 48 hours after testing and tagging, we provide a full detailed report covering the scope of all testing activities and recommendations. All tested equipment receives a unique asset number, which makes it easy to track your items over the years.

4. Free reminder service

One of our team members will contact you to ensure your equipment is tested on time in accordance with the AS/NZS 3760. Timeframes can vary from 3 months (construction and demolition sites) to up to 5 years (office environment).

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